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Image by Pawel Czerwinski


  • What is included in the price of creative workshops?
    We are glad you asked. We provide you with a space to do creative projects that allows you to be safely socially distant from others, while still being around other people. We take care of all of the set up, cleaning, and disinfecting, so you can show up and get creating. Each creative workshop will include everything you need to complete a finished piece of work from tools to the actual pieces used in the creative piece. All tools used during the creative workshop are disinfected after the workshop so they are ready for the next creative workshop. We also provide directions on how to do the project just in case you get lost. If you do get lost or have questions, we want you to ask. Our goal is to provide a low stress environment for people to embrace their creative side.
  • How much do your Creative Workshops cost?
    Our prices will depend on the Creative Workshop in question. We take into consideration the materials used in each project and the time it will take to complete and teach each project when pricing our workshops. Our goal above all else, is to provide a positive, fun experience for others to embrace their creative side.
  • Where do you hold your events?
    We hold all of our In-Person Creative Workshops in the event space at CoWorks at Vita Therapia. The room is large with tons of windows and natural light. It is a great space to meet people and also socially distance from others. We are located in Westford, MA at 234 Littleton Road, Unit 1B, Westford, MA
  • Do you also sell art pieces?
    Yes, we are slowly setting up an Etsy and Online Shop for the different pieces we create. Please reach out if you are looking for something specific or if you'd like to commission a piece. Our focus is Fluid Acrylic Art, Paper Quilling, Mixed Media, and Needle Punching. We also offer digital animation and video services as well.
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