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Blank Notebook

Creativity isn't something that is reserved for a few people. It is actually an amazing gift we can all tap into, sometimes we just forget that it is ok to be creative.

There is only one you.

And only you have experience life through, well your life, so this gives you a unique perspective and voice to share.

Creativity is an opportunity to share, to illustrate, communicate, inspire, figure out, or just let go and be.

Creating can really be so many different things and that is why we have the great honor of experiencing so many wonderful pieces of art.

Why Create at Vita Therapia




Colorful Pens

Years ago, I owned Mums Art Studio, which was created when my daughter was born. I kept it going until I had my second child. Mum Art Studio focused on paper, fabric, and digital arts. It also inspired me to take a more concentrated education in digital filmmaking which involves a host of creative techniques and functions from planning, writing, creating, lighting, editing, critiquing, and the like. While filmmaking and digital media are where most of my experience and specialized training is focused, I also have a breadth of other course work I've taken over the years from Interior Design, Art Foundations, Creative Writing, Script Writing, and Children Literature.

I enjoy teaching others the techniques I've learned over the years. The best moments are seeing someone create beauty when they had previously thought it wasn't possible.

I look forward to walking the path of creativity with you.

~ Jenna

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